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15 September 2017 |United Kingdom

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Ward’s one shot at redemption may cost him his life.

Disgraced investigator, Jeremiah Ward, must solve the Martian riddle and save the lives of millions.

 Matthew Williams says he was born in to science fiction, growing up in the 80s and 90s, he was exposed to some of the most famous SF franchises of our time and read some of the most influential work. As a writer for Universe Today, Matthew is well-versed in spaceflight, terraforming, Earth Sciences and physics, and the future of human space exploration.

Testimonial for The Cronian Incident:

 An exciting science fiction adventure into the technological future. An exhilarating read for scientists and fiction lovers alike.” Professor Abraham Loeb, the current Chair of the Harvard Astronomy Department, Harvard University.

Matthew is proud to say he has interviewed many of today’s top scientific minds and NASA personnel, has been a featured speaker at astronomy societies, and has written articles for Science Alert, Phys.org, HeroX, Pionic, Gizmodo, Futurism and IO9.

Matthew’s book The Cronian Incident is a fictional novel where he introduces plausible visions of the future, culture-changing realistic technology and a thoroughly thrilling conspiracy which risks the lives of millions.

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