Invasion by PP Corcoran

The Carter’s enjoy life on the colony world of Agate. Then K’Tai invade. Can the Carter’s use their secret past to save Agate from K’Tai aggression?



Allow me to introduce my new three book sci-fi series  – The K’Tai War.

Invasion, book 1, chronicles a war of aggression between the 1,000 year + K’Tai Imperium, an empire which spans hundreds of star systems, and the up-and-coming new kid on the block: humanity. Humans occupy a number worlds which are governed centrally by ‘The League’.

The K’Tai treat humans with disdain, containing human expansion by controlling access to the mineral Redlazore, the key ingredient in the construction of ‘the’ star drive.  This monopoly is destroyed by the discovery of massive reserves of Redlazore on the border planet of Agate. The K’Tai are unhappy with this power change, in addition, the K’Tai Imperium itself is threatened by a seemingly unstoppable cancer, in the form of the ‘Secessionists’.

The Secessionists demand a root and branch reform of K’Tai society, formal recognition and equality for the Valan and the Sona, two previously conquered races subjugated by the Imperium. An increasing number of planets and systems are joining the Secessionists, drawing off loyal forces of the Imperium.

In a bold move Sidal, the Devisee (or heir) to the Imperium’s throne, orders the invasion of Agate. If successful, the invasion will secure a fresh supply of Redlazore for the Imperium, containing human expansion and sending the League a signal. Do not challenge the K’Tai!

In the midst of the political maelstrom are the seemingly ordinary Carters. Dave, is a mid-level executive with Henderson Shipping. Sue, is a high school teacher, Jodee and Chris, the teenage kids, complete the family circle.

When the K’Tai invade Agate the family are separated during the fighting, however, the Carters are not what they seem and nothing, neither K’Tai pulse rifles nor stretches of booby trapped wasteland will stop Dave and Sue reuniting their family. In the course of this the Carters are drawn into bloody armed conflict with the K’Tai occupation forces.

Invasion is on special pre-order price of $2.99 which will increase to $3.99 following it’s general release on 22 July 2017.