Scarlett started reading at age three, thirty-six years ago. She was a librarian for twenty years and a writing tutor for a few years before that, so she’s read a lot, and it’s helped her develop an eye for what works in a story. If there’s one thing that gives Scarlett more pleasure than reading (or writing) a good story, it’s helping pull a good story together. 

The following books are all ones Scarlett has copy edited, proofread, eyeballed or otherwise had a hand in:

 A Shadow of Autumn, Omega Pathogen: Mayhem and Omega Pathogen: Despair by J. G. Hicks, Jr., Grans & Ammo by Mark Farley, The Haunting of Lake Manor Hotel, Heart Blade by Juliana Spink Mills, Explorations: First Contact, Journeys, Invasion by PP Corcoran.