#1: This is Free Trader Beowulf, calling anyone… Mayday, Mayday… we are under attack… Those words are indelibly stamped on the minds of anyone who played the Traveller role playing game in the 1970s and 80s, which is where Taylor learned to worldbuild and craft science fiction stories. One of the principle starships in the Human Legion series is named Beowulf in acknowledgement.

#2: Taylor has been known to write short YA fantasy and science fiction under the pseudonym of Crustias Scattermush, an alien editor of the galactic anthology known as the Repository of Imagination. 

From Marine Cadet, book 1 of the Human Legion Series

You’re 17 and lucky. You just made Cadet. But there’s no time to celebrate, because only the best make Marine. Failures face the Cull…

Five centuries ago, Earth sold a million children into alien slavery. Now their descendants want their freedom back!

2565 A.D. When seventeen-year old Marine Cadet, Arun McEwan, forges an unlikely friendship with an alien scribe, he crashes into a world of treachery and conspiracy. How can he possibly survive three more years until graduation when every day brings a new deadly threat? But survive he must because his new alien allies show him glimpses of his destiny — a vision of a better future that only he can forge. A dream called the Human Legion.


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