He is now an infantry platoon sergeant, and spends his free time – when he gets it – pursuing his childhood passion: writing science fiction.

Phil’s first novel, C.R.O.W., was published in 2012, and follows the experience of Andy Moralee, a young recruit to the English Dropship Infantry. Since then further books in the Union Series have followed, telling the tale of Andy’s progression: Lancejack, Eden, and Recce.

Notable Successes: C.R.O.W.

Trivia: Some of Andy Moralee’s experiences in C.R.O.W. were inspired Phil’s own time as a recruit in the British Army.

You can follow Phil on twitter @PhilAuthor for updates on the production of future titles, as well as hearing him moan about the ups and downs of life as a Platoon Sergeant!

Feel free to contact Phil. He welcomes all ideas, comments and constructive criticism, and he always make an effort to reply.


From C.R.O.W., book 1 of the Union Series

Andy Moralee knew that life with his new company of Dropship Infantry would be hard, but nothing could prepare him for life in one of the toughest units in the Union army. New arrivals, nicknamed ‘Crow’ by their platoons, are the lowest form of life in his Company, and he finds himself at the mercy of unforgiving commanders and bullies, all the time knowing that the real enemy are waiting for him at the end of his journey through the void. The enemy know that the Union are coming, they have dug in and fortified, and they are ready.

C.R.O.W is a Military Science Fiction novel that follows Andy Moralee across the cosmos, and into combat against a well-equipped enemy prepared to fight to the very end.

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