About Christopher Nuttall

Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1982, the same year as the Falklands War, Christopher G. Nuttall started an online alternate history magazine while studying librarianship at university, which spawned a love of writing often inspired by a love of historical speculation.

His first manuscript was completed in 2005, but it was later that John Ringo gave him permission to write stories set in his Posleen Universe.

Chris took on the challenges and opportunities of self-publishing through Amazon Kindle direct publishing, starting in 2011 with Patriotic Treason, and continuing to deliver novel after novel at his pace of 9000 words drafted per day.

In the past five years, he has published an astonishing 60 novels, and these are full-length novels, not short 60,000 word affairs.

Notable Successes: Notable successes include the eleven-book Empire’s Corps series, the six-book Ark Royal series, and the eight-book Schooled in Magic series, and entering the USA Today bestseller list. Chris is a ‘hybrid author’ being a mix of self-published, published by small presses, by Amazon’s 47 North imprint, and by independent audiobook publishers .

Trivia: If you take a look at the header on Chris’s Facebook page, you can see what it looks like to be ranked the #1 science fiction author on amazon.com


From Their Darkest Hour:

When alien starships from a hostile interstellar power arrive in orbit, Britain is one of their first targets. Swiftly, the aliens take control of Britain’s cities and force the remainder of the British military to go on the run. With the government destroyed, the population must choose between fighting and collaborating with the alien overlords. This is truly Britain’s darkest hour.



Read as part of  The Empire at War: British Military Science Fiction anthology and get four novels for the price of one!