Discovery of the Saiph (Saiph #1) - PP CorcoranFor fans of military sci-fi.

A lost civilisation, a trove of underground secrets, and a daring mission outside the solar system. An Amazon sci-fi bestseller from PP Corcoran.

In the not too distant future humans can travel to the stars. Almost instantaneously.

The Marco Polo captained by David Catney is the first of its kind to lead mankind to Proxima Centauri outside Earth’s Solar System. Unexpectedly the ship’s scientists detect power readings, they confirm they are artificial, obviously alien and emanate from Planet III… a wasteland that suffered a devastating nuclear bombardment many thousands of years before. Archaeologists discover an alien library deep underground and are astonished to unlock its secrets with human DNA.They determine a race called the Saiph have left a database to guide human survival against a merciless and previously unencountered enemy called the ‘Others’. Now that humans have found the Saiph, the Others will surely find them.

Discovery of the Saiph